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L.B. Martin lives in South Carolina with her husband and two children. She spends her free time reading, writing, and drinking all the coffee. L.B. majored in English literature in college with a minor in British Lit. She loves all things book related. Her husband is a gaming streamer, so when he is playing, she is reading away.

L.B. Martin began writing as a form of therapy.

“My words spill from my mind to the pages in effort to rid myself of the demons tucked away inside. My hope is that readers will be immersed into my world and come out feeling hopeful and full of purpose.” -L.B. Martin

The Knight Publishing Series

Knight Publishing Company, the largest publishing company in the U.S., is not only known for its best-selling books but also for the men who own the company. Miles and Sebastian Knight are two of the most eligible bachelors in New York. These two brothers are known for their playboy life styles but no one seems to be able to tame them until fate blows their way. Will these two ever meet their match? And is there a third Knight that no one knows about? Pick up this series and find out!

The Write Knight

Life isn't always a fairytale...

Lizzie hasn't had the easiest life. With old wounds from childhood trauma and boyfriends past weighing her down, she has sworn off all men, even if she does meet one that checks all her boxes. He will just break her heart, right? They all do in the end. Maybe Miles Knight is just what Lizzie needs to conquer her inner demons.

Miles is used to being in the spotlight but when a chance encounter with a mysterious Lizzie, who doesn't know who he is, takes place, he knows without doubt that he has to see her again. Will he be able to find her? And when he does, will he be enough to override the trauma that she has experienced.

Curl up with soft blanket and a large coffee for this spicy romance with a sweet happily ever after.

The Silent Knight

Life isn’t always a holiday…

Sarah's quite content making her own way in life when she literally crashes into the story book version of a tall, handsome, stranger. Finding a man was not on her very tight agenda, but she isn't immune to his charms, or his dirty mouth.

Former military Master Sergent, Travis James, loves a challenge. When a cute, mouthy blonde falls on him in the hallway, he can't help but think, challenge accepted.  He turns on the charm and becomes her knight in shining armor, but will she put him straight into the friendzone?

Unforeseen circumstances have Travis playing the hero once again, landing them snowed in together for Christmas, with only one bed.

Will Sarah let him take control and keep her safe, or will her mouth get her in trouble once again?

The Starry Knight

Life isn’t always a work of art…

Stormy was on a path of destruction until she ran into a power greater than her own. An arrogant bosshole with a penchant for driving her mad. But she had a secret that she was trying to escape and needed a place to work. She had a fire inside her she refused to allow any man to snuff out—or so she thought. 

Sebastian was the most eligible playboy bachelor in New York City until a tempest crashed into his life overturning everything in her wake. She was chaos, a hurricane, a force to be reckoned with, and he wanted nothing to do with her... until he did. Suddenly, he felt something ignite inside him that he never knew possible. So, he decided to keep her—whether she liked it or not.

Secrets never stay hidden though and soon they must overcome a whirlwind of obstacles to refrain from scrapping the canvas and starting over.

This is an office, enemies to lover’s romance with a steamy, happily ever after.

The Last Knight

Samuel’s and  Marcy’s story will be released in Spring of 2024.

Check back soon for updates!

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